We Help Unlock Hidden Value

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking management consulting firm, dedicated to driving transformative growth and success for organizations worldwide. Inspired by the principles of Occam’s Razor, we believe in the power of simplicity and innovation to create positive change and build a more sustainable world.

Who We Are

We are a Berlin-based Collective of T-Shaped Nerds* leveraging our experience within software companies, where we’ve engaged with both developers and C-suite executives. Our mission is clear: to redefine consultancy, offering efficient and agile services. We cater not only to established firms but also to dynamic scale-ups, keeping up with their fast-paced approach.

As a digital native company we operate across all industries in all locations seamlessly.

Our achievements include shaping the corporate strategies of tech scale-ups, redesigning organizational structures, implementing agile working models, and automating operations to enable sustainable growth. This unique blend of expertise and adaptability defines who we are – a consultancy poised to help you transform your business.

Management Consulting
powered by Tech

As a company, we are passionate about technology with its endless opportunities for automation and scaling. Each of our Collective of T-Shaped Nerds* is an exceptional strategist and has a deep understanding of various domains in software development. We heavily invest in building digital solutions that enable us to provide clients with even more value and reduce the manual overhead of our consultants.

How we work

Digital First

We deeply engage with clients across all levels to define the root cause of a challenge in a system-thinking approach and apply rigorously.

Simplicity in Solutions

We strive for simplicity in our solutions, distilling complex challenges into clear and actionable strategies. Our recommendations are practical, easily implementable, and yield impactful results.

Committed to Future Success

Each challenge is unique and we are committed to helping our clients unlock the hidden value in their organization, both now and in the long run. Our approach always includes enablement of your leadership and teams to address future challenges.

Grounded in Integrity & Authenticity

We operate with unwavering integrity and authenticity in all our interactions. We prioritize objective and transparent communication as your trusted advisor in complex decisions.

Our Leadership Team

Alain Dunphy


Managing Partner

Alain Dunphy is Managing Partner and his core areas of expertise are Corporate Strategy and Organizational Design as former Head of Strategy, Transformation & Growth at Mercedes-Benz.io. He holds an MSc in Economics & Public Management from Bocconi University and is a certified Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst.

Caroline Pollkläsener


Strategic Advisor

Caroline Pollkläsener is a highly skilled Project Manager with strong experience in Organisational Development, Process Analysis and Automation. She holds an MSc Degree in Marketing Management from Bocconi University and has helped multiple firms restructure their Operations and HR department.